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We ship high quality agricultural products and electrical equipments from leading manufacturers across the continents.

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Hulled and Natural Sesame Seeds

We supply premium quality sesame seeds originating from India, Sudan, Nigeria & Ethiopia. Our modern equipment for wet hulling process generates whitish sesame seeds with up to 99.98% purity level. These sesame seeds are highly suitable for applying on bakery products as well as preparing confectionery products like protein energy bars and middle eastern foods like halwa and tahini. Some variants of sesame are used for preparing sesame oil, which is popular in East Asian cultures.


Pure Sine wave Inverters for Home applications

With capacity to automatically switch within 15 milliseconds of from mains to battery backup when the power cuts off, these inverters are highly suitable for home appliances like lights, fans, TVs etc. The high quality of components used for producing these inverters makes them last for several years.


Long Lasting Lead Acid Batteries

We offer long lasting batteries manufactured by Amaron, one of the leading brands of India in the market of lead acid batteries. The batteries of this make have reputation for having larger number of life cycles resulting into longer battery life. The patented design of the lead oxide plates results in 10-15% faster charging, which saves energy used to fully charge the battery.

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